Zeppelin, 2016

An installation designed by Alper Derinboğaz head of Salon, Turkey-based architectural design stu­dio, for the Volkswagen Arena Lounge in Istanbul approaches the architectural design on a multidis­ciplinary level and provides a complex experience its dynamic form.

This installation made of plywood with CNC machines combines architectural design with technology, serving as a sitting unit, sus­pended ceiling and an interior wall surface at the same time, integrat­ing a complex spatial movement with the view toward three moni­tors. Tri-Fold is developed as a solution to the guiding problem of the Volkswagen Arena lobby space where interactive multi-touch moni­tors could be used by guests before and after the events. This is a cooperation with Antilop Media Design Agency where custom-made contents produced exclusively for that location are broadcasted on the interactive monitors.

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